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About Doctor Who: Podshock

Doctor Who: Podshock is the longest running Doctor Who podcast (est. 2005) presented by the fan run Gallifreyan Embassy (est. 1985) and formerly presented by Outpost Gallifrey (up until Outpost Gallifrey closed in July 2009) is now the official podcast for the annual Gallifrey One conventions. We feature the latest Doctor Who news, reviews, interviews, commentaries and discussions from US and UK with an international perspective.

Hosted by Louis Trapani, Ken Deep, and Ian Bisset in the US and Dave Cooper and Graeme Sheridan in the UK and Germany respectively (and originally with James Naughton in the UK), with segments and contributions by regular corespondents around the world.

The award winning Doctor Who podcast; Doctor Who: Podshock began in 2005 on the 20th anniversary of the Gallifreyan Embassy. In that time, it quickly grew into one of the most popular Doctor Who podcasts and continues to be to this day.

Art Trap Productions is proud to sponsor and has produced the podcast from the very beginning.

Be sure to see Doctor Who: Podshock live in person at various dates and locations. Starting in 2006, the podcast has recorded in front of a live audience at the I-CON conventions in Stony Brook, New York. In addition, the last few years it has done a west coast live show in California each February for the annual Gallifrey One conventions in Los Angeles for live on stage recordings of the show. Doctor Who: Podshock is now the official podcast for the celebrated annual convention.

Doctor Who: Podshock in addition to it's studio recordings and live appearances, has a regular live-over-the-internet podcast. This live show will enable anyone over the internet to participate as well as enabling people to call in via their regular phone. These live shows are scheduled weekly during the current year's series of Doctor Who reviewing each new episode the day after it is transmitted on the BBC.

In between Doctor Who: Podshock episodes, there may be mini-episodes known as Doctor Who: Podshock Aftershock episodes released for breaking news and/or programming notes.

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